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The Late

Dr. Mikel J. Harry

Founder/ Former COB
Six Sigma Management Institute Inc.

Dr. Harry has been widely recognized in many of today's major publications such as the co - creator of Six Sigma and the world 's leading authority in this field. His book entitled Six Sigma: "The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World's Top Corporations", was on the best list of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, and seller.

He has been a featured guest on popular television programs, such as the premier NBC's "Power Lunch". He is still often quoted in business journals such as The Economic Times and USA Today. In addition, Dr. Harry has received many distinguished awards in recognition of his contributions to industry and society.

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Sandra Harry

Chairman of the Board
Six Sigma Management Institute Inc.

Sandra is a corporate Executive with 18+ years of proven experience in large-scale, national and international companies. She is a former CFO and holds an MBA from University of California, Irwine and is a certified Executive Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma from SSMI. She fortifies her masteries in strategic resource management, business optimization, and profitability. She enjoys her COO role overseeing and co-driving the successes of the Six Sigma Management Institute, The Great Discovery, Six Sigma Wings for Heroes She and travels the world educating the benefits of benchmarking from Dr. Mikel Harry’s Six Sigma e-learning programs for business and life improvement.

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Dumidu Ranaweera

Global Director
Six Sigma Management Institute Inc. Asia Pacific and ME

Dumidu is one of the well-known resources in the field of Lean Six Sigma and Business Excellence in the Asian region frequently featured as a speaker in many international forums. He has guided over 50+ plus organizations in both manufacturing and services across 9 countries in their business process excellence journey and known for his avid skills in Lean Six Sigma deployment and credentials in multiple business disciplines. He has mentored over 250+ process excellence projects across multiple domains and trained over 5000+ resources during his illustrative career.

Dumidu was also the recipient of IT-BPO Young Outstanding Professional Sri Lanka Award during the first ever IT-BPO award ceremony organised by ICTA in year 2007 and he was also awarded the ‘Lean Six Sigma Coaching Excellence Medal’ by Six Sigma Management Institute, USA in 2013 for his contributions under the Wings for Heroes programme training US Army veterans on Lean Six Sigma. He was also recognized by International Confederation for NGOs in association with UN for his outstanding contribution to promote Lean Six Sigma in the region by awarding him REX Karmaveer Chakra Global Fellowship Award in 2016.

Recently, Dumidu was awarded as the "Business Leader of the Year" during the Sri Lanka Quality Leadership Awards 2017 and "Hall of Fame Award" during Sri Lanka Training and Development Leadership Awards 2017 organised by World HRD Congress at the Best Employer Brand Awards 2017.

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Michael Connell

Global Director
Six Sigma Management Institute Inc. United States of America

Michael has a wide array of experience over his 30-year career working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), as well as service organizations ranging from heavy equipment service to employee benefits administration organizations. He picked up Lean and Six Sigma training between 2000-2005, and has been a force for business process improvement ever since. His last 20-years have been spent in Process Improvement management, and guiding organizations into better versions of themselves.

Michael has deployed his Improvement & Problem Solving skill sets to a variety of manufacturing technologies - High Speed Machining, Injection Molding, Welding, Automated & Hand Assembly. Since the early 2000’s, he has focused significant effort on integrating computer/networking technologies to improve administrative and transactional processes. In 2020, Michael started a personal effort towards assisting organizations leverage their Microsoft Office tools to streamline their processes in the form of “office automation”.

Michael has spent the majority of his career as a Champion Change Agent with a passion for deploying continuous improvement methods and showing organizations on the “people” level, that true innovation comes from fostering a culture of change that allows employees to reach their true potential. Favorite quote – “What happens if we train our employees and then they leave ? What happens if we don’t train them and they stay...?”

Michael holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

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Dr. Fabrizio Majorana

Global Director
Six Sigma Management Institute Inc. Europe, United Kingdom and Russia

Dr. Fabrizio Majorana well known resource in Europe of Organizational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma, who has served as the Quality Leader of Ferrari enabling them to win 8 world championships by applying Six Sigma. Apart from Ferrari, Fabrizio has also been the quality leader of Maserati and served as Quality Director/COO of UniCredit group, as a MBB for General Electric and Allied Signal. He was also a member of the International Jury committee for Process Excellence award for 8 consecutive years. He has helped more than 108 companies and mentored over 230 projects across all type of industrial sectors and currently serves as the Executive Director of Six Sigma Management Institute Europe.

He is also the author of “Lean Banking” and has trained thousands of resources on Organisational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma and is the first-ever Executive Master Black Belt to be certified by Prof. Mikel J Harry in Europe

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Aubrey Jones

EMBB Advisor
Six Sigma Management Institute Inc. Latin America

Aubrey has over 30 years of experience in food, ingredient and consumer manufacturing companies. He began his career in engineering for a large food company and progressed to leading their corporate engineering.

Continuous Improvement has always been a major part of his responsibility and has become his total focus over the majority of his career. Through continuous improvement, Aubrey has helped companies realize benefits that total into the billions of dollars. Most recently he led a continuous improvement effort for a $6B Fortune 500 company and helped them realize hundreds of millions of dollars of financial and business impact.

He is a BB in Lean Six Sigma and is a certified Executive Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, trained personally by Dr. Mikel Harry.

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Alan Leduc

Technical Director
Six Sigma Management Institute Inc. United States of America

Alan offers a unique background that blends business and education with experience in engineering, systems analysis, manufacturing, executive management, and education. Alan was mentored by Dr. Mikel Harry and served as Mikel’s research partner for 15 years. Alan was given EMBB #0001 as a statement of appreciation for his talents and loyalty to Mikel’s philosophy of Six Sigma.

Alan earned his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering Technology, an M.B.A. and a M.S. degree in Engineering. In addition to his diverse education, Alan also has had a diverse career. Alan spent seven years working in the construction industry as a designer and structural engineering technician and eleven years in manufacturing holding such positions as General Foreman, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, and Engineering Manager. As an executive he held the position of V.P. and General Manager and was responsible for manufacturing, engineering, and customer service.

As a professor, Alan was awarded the Sargent Americanism Award presented by the The Society of Manufacturing Engineers to recognize faculty who have developed significant and innovative course work giving students a better understanding of manufacturing-related business skills. Won the Outstanding Paper Award in the Manufacturing Division of the America Society of Engineering Educators. With the guidance of Mikel Harry, Alan developed a Minor in Process Improvement focused on bringing Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training to undergraduate students.

Alan has work on Lean Six Sigma projects both within the U.S. and internationally. Alan is the Technical Editor for The Great Discovery Novel and developed the case study and workbooks for the Mindpro Simulated Case Study based upon Mikel's original work.

Alan's education and diverse background allows him to perform complex analysis. His background as a teacher and trainer allows him to teach others to do the same. His communication skills allow him to present findings in the language of the person to which he is communicating. Alan provides thorough solutions presented in a way that is understandable to all levels of an organization.

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Dr. Cathy Lawson

Executive Master Black Belt
Six Sigma Management Institute Inc.

Dr. Lawson works as a consultant, teacher, executive coach, author and statistician. Cathy started her career with Motorola in 1985 where Dr. Mikel Harry served as her teacher and mentor. She read the first technical paper on Six Sigma and was among the first certified Six Sigma Black Belts in the world. She served on the Motorola Corporate Black belt Steering Committee and was a member of the Motorola Science Advisory Board.

In 2001 Motorola Government Electronics Group was sold to General Dynamics. Cathy served as Quality Director for two GD business units responsible for one billion dollars in sales. She led the Group Six Sigma program and served as an advisor to a GD corporate team on Six Sigma implementation.

In 2007 Cathy started her own consulting and coaching business. During that time she co-authored a book with Dr. Harry on The Great Discovery. She continues to coach and teach the Great Discovery to individuals and teams.

In 2011 Cathy joined Medtronic where she served as the Tempe Campus site lead for Design for Six Sigma.

Cathy has an undergraduate degree in BioMedical Engineering. She holds a Masters degree and PhD in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University. In 2014 she attended the first Executive Master Black Belt class and received the second EMBB certificate awarded by Dr. Harry.

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  • European Institute of Printed Circuits
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  • 3M Corporation
  • National Security Agency
  • United States Navy
  • United States Army
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  • Boeing Corporation
  • McDonald Douglas Corporation
  • Hughes Corporation
  • Zenith Corporation
  • Nations Trust Bank
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